Women's Bible Study | Wednesday, Winter 2021

What if Jesus Was Serious: Focusing in on the Sermon on the Mount

Last semester we were looking at WHO Jesus really is. If we take that to heart it should matter to us just what He has said to us in His word! Why do so many of us live frustrating, unfulfilled lives? Because we don’t use the keys He has given us in His teachings. Let’s take a new look at some old lessons and try again - this time with zeal!!

We will be using the book, "What If Jesus Was Serious: A Visual Guide to the Teachings of Jesus We Love to Ignore," by Skye Jethani throughout this semester. Click here for a link to the book's Amazon page.

South Barrington Campus


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Date / Time
  • Wed, Apr. 21, 2021, 9:30 AM (2 hours)
  • Wed, Apr. 28, 2021, 9:30 AM (2 hours)

Registration closed on Tuesday, February 23, 2021