Family Christmas Party At Home 2020

Saturday, December 19 @ 10 am over Zoom
OR participate any time offline

Supply kits are no longer available for purchase.  If you have already purchased one when you registered, please remember to pick them up curbside at the playground at Willow North Shore on Thursday, 12/17 from 3-5 pm. If you are registering after 12/16, please see below to gather the supplies you will need to participate fully in the party.

Gather your family for our Promiseland Christmas celebration at home! Join Promiseland staff and families over Zoom Saturday, 12/19 OR complete the games, crafts, and activities on your own any time! After you register for FREE, you will receive an email with all the information and links you need to participate. Please register just ONCE per family. 


                  Supply List

                  • gingerbread house kit or supplies to make a DIY gingerbread house (If possible, create your gingerbread house together as a family before the Zoom on Saturday, 12/19.)
                  • 1 pair adult nylons or tights
                  • 8-10 balloons, not inflated
                  • 1 paper Santa beard for each family member, cut out (optional:
                  • Scotch tape
                  • Oreos or other cookies or crackers for each family member
                  • materials to make a nativity, such as this paper set: (You could also use Legos, building blocks, paper and crayons, clay, etc. Any materials will work!)
                  • *The purchased supply kit will also include some other surprises and treats that are not necessary to participate in the Zoom.



                  - Can we experience Family Christmas Party without participating over Zoom? Yes! We are offering 2 options: 1) make your own party at home on your own any time OR 2) join us over Zoom Sunday, December 19 at 10 am to experience community and some extra worship and games.

                  - Will we meet in person at church? For safety reasons, we are unable to have Family Christmas Party together in person at church at this time. This event is designed for parents to experience with their kids at home. It is meant to be easy to complete on your own, or you can join Promiseland staff over Zoom to experience the worship, games, and crafts together. You will need to complete the gingerbread house on your own at home.

                  - Is this going to be difficult for me to do at home with my kids? Definitely not! You will receive easy to follow instructions for the games you'll play together at home. It will be even easier if you join our Zoom call as Promiseland staff will lead your family through each step and be available to answer any questions you have. Parents, you've got this, and we have your back!

                  - How do I get the supplies needed? All supplies can be easily found at local stores or online. The full supply list can be found above. ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

                  - How many sets of supplies should I buy? You will only need 1 set of supplies for your whole family.

                  - Should I register each of my children? No, you only need to register once for your whole family.

                  - What ages can participate? This event is recommended for kids and adults of all ages!

                  - Can I share the links to the Family Christmas Party Zoom and materials with friends? Yes! The more, the merrier! We would love to spread the Christmas message and love of Jesus to as many families as possible, so share away! 

                  - Who can I contact with other questions? Email Beth Heinemann at

                  North Shore Campus


                  This is an at home event. You can also participate over Zoom. See more info below.

                  Registration closed on Saturday, December 19, 2020