SBR Women's Wednesday Bible Study | Fall 2020

His name is Jesus. God gave him that name. But, the Bible identifies Jesus in many ways so that through his titles and descriptions we may have a deeper relationship and revelation of the reality of his character and purposes. So many of us have short changed ourselves on the blessings God has for us because we don’t recognize all that Jesus is. To some he is a good teacher, to others an unparalleled example of how to live life and to many he is savior.

As we study scripture, turning specifically to the different names of Jesus, we will see a fuller picture of God’s heart towards us as described in his son.

Join us to learn, grow, appreciate and celebrate!

The book we will be following is Praying The Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler. You can buy it here

South Barrington Campus


Zoom (online)

Registration closed on Tuesday, October 6, 2020