Sacred Journey | Fall 2020

Jesus had rhythm. His regular patterns of withdrawing from life to have intimate time with his Father and then embracing and entering into rich relationships with others allowed him to carry out his enormous mission with wisdom, grace and authentic love.

In the midst of busy, full lives, with demands for our time and attention coming from every direction, we need rhythm--life-giving patterns in our days and weeks that deepen our connection with God and strengthen our relationships with others.

In light of Jesus' model, Keith Meyer in his book “Spiritual Rhythms in Community” helps you intentionally adopt a pattern for our life, one that facilitates ongoing growth and transformation, through:

  • formational spiritual practices designed for groups to experience together
  • meditations on the Psalms
  • readings and group discussion questions

Come and join us as we find rhythm in the life of the One who came that we might have life to the full.

Each week, a guided meditation and discussion on the chapter will be sent to the class. Small groups will meet weekly in person or virtually. Participants can choose from various time and day options for small groups.

You can buy the book Spiritual Rhythms in Community: Being Together in the Presence of God by Keith Meyer here or here.

South Barrington Campus


Zoom (online), or in-person small groups will be available on various days


This semester will offer various meeting times & dates.

Registration closed on Friday, September 25, 2020