Women's Daytime | Tuesdays, Winter 2020

In Jesus, the whole world received a complete picture of who God is -- what He's like and how He loves us. With His picture before our eyes, we can live faithfully -- and not only faithfully but also confidently. Whatever blessings we receive, whatever sufferings we endure, we can look forward to the life God promises. Why? Because we've already seen that life in Jesus. In this year-long class, around tables in community we will study Hebrews and receive the confidence we need for whatever hurdles we are facing today.

*Please note this class is a continuation from the fall semester, however the first class of this semester will be spent reviewing so anyone is welcome to join!

Teacher: Peggy Walding 

Registration Fee: $10

If you are utilizing KidsCare while you attend class, please register your child(ren) here.

South Barrington Campus


Waterfall 1

Registration closed on Friday, March 27, 2020