Work Love Pray | A Gathering for Professional Women

WORK LOVE PRAY a community of professional Christian working women continues the series of Developing the Leader Within You called "Leadership Expanded".

You will learn to use your God-given potential with confidence so that Christ may be seen in you in the marketplace. Led by an experienced Christian Executive Coach, women are connected to others who are walking the same journey at Table Talks and are led, connected and supported with practical, spiritual and professional resources for women in every life stage of their career.

Speaker/Facilitator: Kathryn Tack, Executive and Leadership Development Coach

 9-11 A.M. = TWO SATURDAYS A MONTH No book required. $10 one time registration

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Experience a taste of the Winter/Spring Series called “Leadership Expanded” for Developing the Leader Within You, as Kathryn Tack, Executive Coach, presents the outline for the series to integrating your faith, work and relationships. 

February 1 THE TABLE.

In your career, who you are and your capabilities matter for your success. Do you know what you bring to the table?   

February 15 God’s 360.

What is important to God and what would it be like to have His 360 feedback? Document this and circle back for review again at the end of our series to see how you are doing.

March 7 What Matters Most?

Defining your values is a critical part of your life and leadership to make confident decisions. Learn how to keep your values with you at all times to guide you to reach your destination in top condition. 

March 14 Bringing the Authentic You to the Workplace.

Who God created you to be and what the Bible says can only give you the God-confidence you need to “be enough” in this high-performance, ever-changing world.   

April 4 Confidence and Me.

Confidence eludes women leaders in particular. God-confidence can change the statistics and your perspective. Be good with “good enough for Him.”

April 18 Leading When You Don’t Feel Like It.

There are times when pain throws us off-balance. You’ll have to deal with the tension between stability that gives security and adapting that opens up opportunity for maturity. 

May 2 Conflict Matters. 

Crucial conversations are necessary. Learn how to go from pleasing people to challenging ourselves and others to be our best. Table topics session.

May 16 Leader Re-Created. 

A New You. A culmination of the Work Love Pray sessions. Sharing testimonies of transformation.

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Cost: $10/for beverages and materials. Register any time throughout the semester!

Registration closed on Saturday, April 25, 2020