Women's Daytime: Sacred Journey | Thursdays

You are being invited on an interactive adventure of faith that will help you become a “discerning person” rather than a “person who makes decisions.” We will be learning how to let go of certainty and control in exchange for a life of dependence, risk, faith and trust – the kind of life Jesus lived.

Each day we are making hundreds of decisions, consciously and subconsciously – decisions that form and shape our hearts and our lives and in truth prepare us to make the “big” decisions. There is a tendency to see discernment in terms of the big decisions of life, but our focus will be on discernment as a relational way of life. This book is designed to help you to walk with God through life, open and sensitive to the leading of God.

Come and discover how discernment can be a way of life in this spiritual formation focused class. Larry Warner’s book, Discernment, God's Will & Living Jesus: Christian Discernment as a Way of Life, will be our guide. Our class time will include spiritual practices, teaching, individual guided solitude and small group discussion aimed at helping you grow deeper in your spiritual life. We look forward to having you!

*This class is a continuation from the first semester. The first class of the winter will be a review of the first semester so anyone is welcome to join!

Teachers: Joan Kelley and Gail Donahue

Registration Fee: $10

If you need childcare for your child(ren) while you attend class, please register here.

South Barrington Campus


Waterfall 2 (formerly Blue Sky 2)

Registration closed on Wednesday, February 26, 2020