Working Women's Bible Study

Unexpected accountability and authority. God has chosen people to serve Him in different ways. He has enlisted people from a variety of backgrounds. God called Moses at a burning bush in the desert. He called Samuel as a little child lying on his bed. He called David on a battlefield, Elijah in the courts of Ahab, Isaiah while confessing his sins in the temple, and Peter from a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee.

The Working Women’s Bible Study is calling you to study with them this fall season as they study lessons from of the life of Deborah: a woman, a wife, and judge, who rose to a position of national leadership standing firm with wisdom and courage with her impressive resume and gift from God. And Gideon, least of the least, called in the midst of asking a question while threshing out grain on the mountainside at Ophrah.

South Barrington Campus




This is an ongoing Bible study. You are welcome to join at any time!

Registration closed on Wednesday, November 27, 2019